Wood Floor Refinishing Technician
Wood Floor Refinishing Technician
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In the process of refinishing this beautiful wood floor using our Oneida dustless system.

Dustless Wood Floor Refinishing

We work to accommodate you. Hardwood sanding, staining and finishing restores the beauty and originality of your wood floor. Whether you’re looking to just update your floor and home or your wood floors are scratched heavily, dented, discolored due to sun exposure, stains from spills, etc, wood floor refinishing is the best option.

Choosing from only the latest Eco-friendly stains and finishes, we will work with you from the start to pick and mix a stain color that best suits your family’s needs and style. We use Bona Dri-fast stains, these stains include many options and the ability to mix a custom stain color. Click Here to see your options!

-Endless options stain colors.

-Commercial/residential floor finishes.

-Sheen options avaible Matte, Satin or Semi-gloss.

Dustless sanding process consisting of dust containment systems, collection bags, and the latest sanding technologies, our refinishing process is virtually mess-free.

Even further, low-odor stains and finishes that your hardwood flooring technician with use are environmentally friendly, and provide a quick dry-time, so you may be able to stay home while we sand and even through the finishing process.


Wood Floor Installation

Wood floors truly add value and beauty to your home. The endless options you have with wood floor species, colors, widths and patterns are endless. An additional benefit to having them is that if you or a family member are struggling with allergies, having a wood floor instead of carpet will help tremendously with your symptoms.

The quality of the initial install heavily impacts the look, feel, and even the sound of your floors. Poorly installed flooring can leave you with excessive gaps, squeaks, popping, and cupping. To prevent that, we install to all manufacturer and NWFA guidelines. Here are just a few of the things you can expect when Wood Tech installs your flooring:

Installation Expectations

  • Sub-floors are prepped for install.

  • Undercut all door jambs.

  • Floors are installed across floor joist direction.

  • We ensure there is appropriate spacing for expansion.

  • The wood we use is stored in climate controlled warehouse and delivered at least 7 days to your home for proper acclimation.

  • We’ll use a 4 to 6 inch nail pattern with glue-assist when necessary to make sure the flooring stays in place.

Even if you’ve purchased your wood floors through a retail store, please still contact us. We will gladly install them for you.


Wood Floor Repair & Restoration

Accidents can happen that may leave your floors damaged and you frustrated - an appliance may leak, toilets overflow, or you may even face fire damage. Whatever the cause, Wood Tech can bring that beaten, worn floor back to life with our restoration and repair techniques.

After discussing your options with you and providing a thorough estimate, we can preserve part of the floor while only repairing the damaged area which will restore your floor and save you money.